Wegmans coming to East Hanover

I've never been to one, but it seems like some people rave about them. Thoughts?


Jul '12

When I lived in upstate NY = Corning area, we had a Wegman's and I MISS it so!! It's a great family owned company - based out of Rochester NY. They have some stores in NJ.... I've been to the Princeton store, but too far away for weekly shopping. I was so excited to see the article in the Record about Wegman's. I'd say it's a cross between Whole Foods and Kings... the one in Corning had a HUGE fresh food/prepared foods area... similiar to a food court at the mall with a fresh pasta station, Chinese food prep, sushi, etc. and it had seating area to eat. I just always like the feel of the store. It's is always top rated for "best employer" in the US and top food stores in polls. We're lucky to have them come to this area!

SS2cats SS2cats Message SS2cats
Jul '12

I too have come from NY and miss Wegman's desperately. On occasion I have even gone down to Bridgewater just to get my "Wegman's Fix"! How sick is that? I was thrilled to hear one is finally coming to our area. It won't happen soon enough!

Kirby Kirby Message Kirby
Jul '12

I caught wind of this many months ago, and I'm VERY excited. Wegman's, for those of you who don't know, is a home chef's mecca. Count on them for consistently quality products and those hard to find ingredients. Very reasonable prices, but don't bother looking for a 10 page sale flyer or triple coupon bargains of the week. Not that kinda place. They have a prepared foods section that rivals some local take-out joints (Wegman's hires culinary school grads to head their kitchen). This small family-owned chain is unlike overpriced specialty-product-only Whole Foods and most definitely unlike your average grocery store chain (Shop Rite, A&P, Stop&Shop) with wilted, sorry looking produce and that nasty chemical floor cleaner smell. Looking forward to saving myself the drive from Morristown to Bridgewater once a week!!

Colleen,MorristownNJ Colleen,MorristownNJ Message Colleen,MorristownNJ
Nov '12

Yes, can't wait for Wegmans. We make the trip to Bridgewater every couple of weeks.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ Message MeisterNJ
Mar '13

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